Introducing Urban Oasis Garden Systems

ōˈāsis (noun) something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc. From Unabridged.

Below you can see some of the garden systems we have produced for various clients. We desire to use the wonder of Aquaponics for educational and training purposes at academic institutions, businesses, and even your home! The systems below serve as an example of the types of systems we use for instruction in the science of Aquaponics. Please contact us to begin enjoying the educational benefits of Aquaponics of today!

Tabletop Oasis

The Tabletop Oasis

Introducing the brand new Tabletop Oasis!

Free from any pump or need for power, now you can enjoy the thrill of Aquaponics anywhere! The Tabletop Oasis transforms the lush elegance of growing Lucky Bamboo into a home for a beautiful Siamese Betta fish. This ecosystem yields deeper, greener bamboo growth while providing a clean, natural world for your new fish. Bring a Tabletop Oasis into your home or workplace today!



The Indoor Oasis

The Indoor Oasis

The Indoor Oasis is the simplest way to get started with aquaponic gardening. From the delicate water feature to the tranquil view of your ornamental fish, our indoor system brings an oasis into your home. You will love the sweet smell of fresh herbs and salad greens growing in this convenient table-top system. The crisp white grow light enables growing year-round and offers an organically-grown salad only an arm’s reach away.

Deluxe Oasis

The Deluxe Oasis

The Deluxe Oasis is an excellent way to try aquaponic gardening for the first time. This small outdoor system allows those new to aquaponics to start enjoying the full benefits of aquaponic gardening. Growing outdoors allows for greater flexibility in growing both your plants and fish. Before you know it, this green oasis will be full of delicious vegetables, herbs, and salad greens, not to mention the plate-sized fish growing underneath!

The Grand Oasis

The Grand Oasis

The Grand Oasis is our premium oasis and is the best way to enjoy aquaponic gardening. This full-sized garden system boasts 3 meters of nutrient-rich growing space and will produce mouth-watering vegetables for the whole family. The Grand Oasis is a bright green oasis bringing joy and life into your garden and allows for growing everyone’s favorites. There is no better way to bring fresh produce to your home!