Educational Programs

We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Please contact us to receive a free consultation to determine how our Aquaponic based curriculum can benefit you! Whether supplementing a school science program or simply offering a workshop for business professionals, our services can be used in a variety of settings. We would love to meet with you to determine which of our options would best meet your needs. Additionally, all of our work includes:

  • Delivery and setup by trained specialists from America, as needed
  • In-person instruction
  • A 5 year limited warranty
  • All the fish, seeds, and fish feed you need to get started
  • Technical Support 7 days a week

Customized Solutions

We are confident that you will love our services. However, if you feel you would better enjoy an Aquaponic solution customized specifically for your location and preferences, we would love to come to your home or office and work with you personally to design something that fits your needs. Additionally, we are available for consulting on home Aquaponics projects and even assisting with Aquaponic greenhouse setup. Please contact us for more information.